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RDH Connect (RDHC) is a free community for hygienists to build connections and learn from one another together on a private platform designed to showcase their knowledge & abilities, accomplishments, & insights on cutting-edge research.

You'll expand both your personal network and experience, enhancing your professional footprint in the dental community & building new skills for your resume. RDHC will shine a spotlight on you & your skills to help you reach future career goals.

The RDH Connect community is built & hosted by Smile Brilliant in partnership to further oral health education & bring exposure to the knowledge of the hygiene community.

Think of it like an online business card! Your personal profile is a custom page designed to enhance your online presence, highlighting your unique experience & goals, connect you with fellow dental professionals, and even recommend products to friends and patients.

Absolutely! Tell your friends what you’re up to! You can share your RDHC profile with the “Share Profile”button on your social media accounts. You can also message an invite to your friends via your account!

Any licensed hygienist or hygiene student, practicing or otherwise.

Any RDH Connect member.

No way! All hygienists are welcome to join & participate in any or all RDHC benefits.

You can easily recommend the products & services you stand by to your friends & patients. Simply refer them to your “PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS” page on your public profile. Think of this as your personal storefront.

Participation! You’ll earn bonuses in the form of RDHC points & other rewards just for contributing to the community in your own way: providing your unique insights, your writing, your ability to connect others in interviews & other discussions, help grow the community, make recommendations, and much more!

Absolutely! Just send them a message from your account!



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