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Sarah’s Trailblazing Journey: Redefining Excellence in Care

Unlock the secrets to advanced dental care with Sarah Hendrickson, RDH, a visionary hygienist boasting 22 years of expertise. Dive into her world of innovative treatments like oral myofunctional therapy, designed to revolutionize patient outcomes. Through her dynamic coaching, Sarah empowers hygienists to excel, stressing the power of mentorship, humility, and empathy. Join her on a journey of continual growth, fueled by collaboration and a relentless drive to make a profound impact in dentistry.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Hendrickson has been a clinical dental hygienist for 22 years. She has continuously been updating her skills through continuing education courses. In the last four years, her office has become more focused on treating airway issues to treat early intervention issues for children to help with their growth pattern development. She is now trained in oral myofunctional therapy. She works full-time as the lead hygienist at a practice. She also serves as a dental hygiene coach; she speaks about impactful patient communication. This course helps hygienists to deal with their own anxiety when they are dealing with difficult patients, as well as finding ways to help patients through difficult appointments due to their own anxiety regarding receiving dental care.

The value of relationships

Sarah recommends having a mentor and keeping our ego in check. Although new grads have the latest information, we should all respect each other’s knowledge and experience so that we can all guide one another. It is important to value and build relationships. Developing a good relationship with your team and being empathetic can go a long way.

Future directions

She looks forward to relaunching her courses and including a workshop within the course. She loves coaching and helping hygienists through whatever stage they currently face in their careers so they can receive the help that they need to feel supported. She loves connecting with others and continuing to grow. She also strives to obtain more education, so she can continue to help others.

An essential part of the dental team

She is proud that she has been able to partner with a dentist who values and respects her professional opinion regarding patient care and other issues. In the past, she has had experiences where she felt limited as a clinician. However, now her dentist partners with her to make sure her needs are taken care of. She is proud of her accomplishments in becoming a myofunctional therapist and the investments she has made in herself and her career. She looks forward to continuing to connect with her colleagues so as to make an impact in other’s lives.

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Kari Carter-Cherelus

Kari Carter-Cherelus RDH, DA is an internationally known public speaker, consultant, author, a writer, and a clinician with 25 years in the dental industry. She authored the book The Ultimate Guide for Dental Hygienist Burnout to help dental hygienists in all stages of their career. She uses her platform as Founder of KMC Strategic Solutions to help improve the work culture in teams and organizations as well as to coach individuals.



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